Using Fresh Tomatoes to Make Tomato Sauce Properly

Learning to make tomato sauce

Many dishes will become more delicious when combining the sauce. There are several sauces. Every type will be suitable for each dish. And it also has a characteristic of the region, the country, and associated with the specific ingredients. Some typical sauces are butter sauce, Indian curry sauce, and tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is the basic ingredient for many dishes. It is considered the most common sauce on over the world. Moreover, tomato sauce is also a top choice of many housewives. But some people do not know how to do it properly. You can buy it at the supermarket. Or you can make it from the fresh tomato at home. It is not difficult as you think. In this writing, I will share all steps to make this sauce. They include how to choose the suitable tomato and how to make tomato sauce. This is the great lesson for those who love cooking and want safety in cooking.

How to Select Tomato for Sauce

You want to have the delicious sauce. It is necessary to choose the tomatoes carefully. On the market, you can find out them a lot. To get the good taste, you should have some tips to select tomato for sauce. Some factors which you need to note are:

  • It is simple to choose the fresh tomato. You can choose Roma tomato and paste tomato. In fact, they have a lot of flesh. And they are less juice and fewer seeds. This is better to make tomato sauce. With these types of the tomatoes, you take more time to prepare because they are a bit small;
  • Beyond that, you should choose Big Boy tomatoes. You can guess its size via its name. This tomato is big and has bright red fruit. According to many people, Big Boy tomato is the ideal type to make the sauce;

Choosing Big Boy tomato

  • In addition, you must consider the price of the tomato. Normally, it will have the good price on the season. The tomatoes quality also tends to tastier. Therefore, it is the best time to buy the tomatoes for sauce.

How to Make Tomato Sauce Properly from Fresh Tomatoes

In once time, I have a plan to buy a new rice cooker. I try to find out some information relating to this product. There are a lot of rice cooker reviews on the internet. These ideas help me get more experiences to choose a good one. Now, you want to buy a can of tomato sauce. You can choose the famous manufacturers. That is a good way. Instead, you take the time to read the comments and choose the prestigious stores. You should try to make tomato sauce at home. I make sure that your own sauce is more delicious and high- quality to eat. Also, it is safer for everyone to enjoy. To do it, you need to follow the right rules when making this sauce. Here are the basic things to remember for the homemakers:

1. Preparing The Kitchen Tools And The Essential Ingredients

Actually, it does not spend a lot of your time for preparing. But you need to have all of them because you will make the tomato sauce become easily. This is a necessary list both the kitchen tools and some basic ingredients:

  • Small knife, large pot, and mixing spoon are to support for making the sauce process;
  • You need to have a large mixing bowl;
  • Slotted spoon and ice water will help you to make more quickly;
  • Finally, you must have a jar with lid for your storage after finishing.

2. Taking out Stem of Tomato

Surely, the stem of tomato does not use in your own sauce. To pop the stem, you will use a small knife. You cut the tomato’s stem with a small hole around. Its deep is about 13 mm. Then, you use your hands to pop it out. At the bottom of the tomato, you also cut shallow X. It is enough small to peel the tomato later.

3. Peeling and Chopping The Tomato

Peeling and chopping the tomato

Before peeling all tomatoes, you should boil them in a short time. In this time, you also prepare a large bowl which it contains a lot of ice water. This will prevent the tomatoes overdo. On the other hands, it also helps you peel them easier. You will place all tomatoes which they peeled in a mixing bowl for the next step.

It is very easy to chop the tomato by the knife. The knife will help you cut the tomato as small as possible. In the case, you want your tomato sauce to become softer and smoother. You need a blender or food processor.

4. Cooking The Tomato

In all steps to do the tomato sauce, cooking the tomato is the most important step. It will decide the taste of your sauce. You pour all tomatoes which you just chop into a large pot. During this time, you should note some following things:

  • Cook it on the medium heat. And wait for this pot boil. Normally, you can adjust the density of the sauce. So you can boil this pot about 30 – 90 minutes;
  • Besides, you also can add some necessary seasonings while the sauce is boiling. For example, you use a little garlic, fresh basil, or oregano. All of these ingredients will contribute to bringing the great flavor for tomato sauce.

5. Adding Other Ingredients

When the sauce reaches the level of your desire, you can add salt and a little red wine. Depending on your taste, you can use lemon juice to replace the vinegar. With these ingredients, they are the same with the preservatives. Thus, the tomato sauce can use for a long time when you store in the fridge.

6. Using and Storing Tomato Sauce in The Right Way

Storing tomato sauce properly

You can use this sauce after cooking. Or you can use in one to two week. You must keep this sauce in the fridge. It is necessary to avoid affecting the quality of tomato sauce. If you want to use during 3 months you should freeze tomato sauce. Many people can keep it within one year when it is canned properly and carefully.

In short, your own tomato sauce can combine with a lot of different dishes. In fact, this sauce is very popular in each meal of the family. With this knowledge, you can learn how to make tomato sauce in the right way. In my opinion, it is simple to use the fresh tomato and follow 6 steps above. Besides, you will feel very excited after you cook the delicious tomato sauce. Hope that you are successful with these tips!

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